Every great story begins at first with a tiny and hopeful, somewhat uncertain, innocent yet visionary dream. The story of Vorante, founded by our business master's degree-educated and teacher-founder Ali Çandır from Uludag University, also started like this.
In 2010, as we embarked on our journey as interpreters, copywriters, SEO & web consultants, and digital marketers in digital projects in Europe, we read and wrote tens of thousands of pages of text, translated thousands of pages, managed the marketing efforts of hundreds of entrepreneurs, and designed websites for dozens of entrepreneurs. We prepared online and offline marketing & training plans for our clients for years, enriched each other with plenty of vision in our conversations and meetings, changed a lot, remained open to transformation, and believed in the importance of being lifelong learners. Vorante, which set out with a big dream in a tiny dark room with an old computer, today serves 190 countries with a 21-person software team, a 35-person business development team, and hundreds of solution partners, providing services in all languages.
With the hope of inspiring all dreamers with the love we have for our work and being able to carry the flag one step further, we work tirelessly with all our might.


E-Mail: info@vorante.com

WhatsApp and Call: +90 501 03 03 084