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Hereby agreement provides detailed information about Vorante's services and products and determines the terms of use. Customer and Vorante have reached and agreed upon the following issues. When the customer / user entered the site, he accepted this agreement in advance and approved the agreement.


There are two parties to this user agreement. Parties: determined as "customer" and "Vorante". Vorante will be referred to as " Vorante " in this contract.

*Customer: The user, person or institution that accepts this agreement in advance by entering Vorante.

1) "Customer" can upload balance to Vorante site. The customer can buy products on behalf of an institution or on his own account. The customer has to be a member of the site in order to perform these transactions. Responsibilities that will arise in cases of unauthorized access to the site other than the customer are regulated in the "Privacy Policy" section on our site.

2) "Customer" should not share personal information and data used to access the site with other persons and third parties. When the customer violates this rule, our site detects unauthorized access. In this case, the customer's account will be banned. The final status of the banned account will be determined by the Vorante management according to the result. The customer is obliged to protect his personal information and passwords, cannot share them with 3rd parties, otherwise he is deemed to have accepted the responsibility that will arise in advance.

3) In case of unauthorized account access, the customer cannot claim any rights against Vorante. When logged into the account, the user registered in the system is responsible for all transactions.

4) All unauthorized transactions and accesses against legal rules are the responsibility of the user. Legal institutions can impose sanctions on the user, all responsibility belongs to the user during the transactions on the site, Vorante does not take any responsibility.

5) The "Customer" is deemed to have accepted all contract terms from the moment he enters the Vorante website. Accounts of customers who make illegal transactions on the site are banned indefinitely and the customer cannot claim any rights in this case. The customer is responsible to Vorante for illegal transactions.

The duration of the user agreement:

1) The Hereby agreement becomes active the moment the customer enters the site and is deemed to have been signed between the customer and Vorante management, the contract enters into force immediately.

2) The Hereby agreement is valid, in effect, and legally binding with all its articles while the customer is on the site.

3) Site user is free to terminate this contract. For this, you can write to as "I want to terminate the user agreement and I will not enter the site again". In this case, if the user does not enter the site again, the contract will be terminated. In this case, the contract is terminated immediately if the user does not have any debt or liability to the site.

4) In this agreement, Vorante management may make some updates, improvements, adjustments and changes. Vorante can make these arrangements at any time and does not have to notify the user. These exchange transactions can be partial or holistic. These changes made on the site may be continuous or may remain in effect periodically.


1) Vorante will use advanced technology for notifications to the client. In other words, if information such as e-mail address and mobile phone is registered in the system, the customer will be informed through these technologies. If this information is not registered on the Vorante web site, all responsibility and sanction that may arise belongs to the user.

2) Customers who enter the Vorante website declare that the information they provide is accurate and up to date. If this information is incorrect or incomplete, all responsibility belongs to the user / customer. If the information is out of date, the customer cannot claim any compensation against Vorante. The customer has automatically accepted these provisions from the moment he entered the site.

Vorante's services and products

Vorante provides digital products such as gift cards, games and antiviruses to its customers.

Payments and pricing:

1) From the moment the customer enters the Vorante site, he/she accepts the charges for the products on the site in advance. All services offered by Vorante are taken in advance and the product is delivered to the customer immediately. If the customer wishes, he can load a balance into his account and use this balance in his/her next purchases.

2) All payments made on the Vorante site with the customer's IP and account are under the responsibility of the customer. The customer is deemed to have accepted this condition as soon as he enters the site. Vorante assumes no liability in case of hacking of the customer's account or credit card.

3) The customer is free to use the payment method he/she wishes on the site, and all responsibility arising from the payment method belongs to the customer. Vorante management has all the authority to charge the products on Vorante. Vorante management may change the prices if it wishes and does not have to inform its customers in advance for this, prices may fluctuate and change, Vorante management cannot be held responsible for price changes.

4) Credit card information is received from customers in transactions made through credit cards and virtual pos. However, this information is never stored on Vorante servers or in the records of companies that support Vorante. The payment process is done securely in an encrypted form through digital payment software provided by professional payment companies. The management of Vorante can never be held responsible for possible problems regarding payment security.

5) All payment transactions of the site users are made with the user device through the Vorante payment interface. Vorante's entire service and the responsibility for these services are limited to the scope of this article.

6) The provision period of the content provided on the Vorante site is established by the Vorante management. In addition, the validity periods in purchasing tools are also determined by Vorante. These periods and information are changed, edited or removed entirely. All authority regarding these services and processes belongs to Vorante management.

7) Vorante informs the customer about the product and service prices on the website and during the purchase. Vorante reserves all its rights on pricing and there is no obligation to inform the customer about the changes, price changes will be instantly presented to the customers on the site. Vorante user has accepted all the terms of this user agreement in advance while shopping on Vorante.

8) If the customer wants to withdraw the balance in his/her account to his/her bank account, he/she can do so, the customer. If the customer has any debts to Vorante management on the expiry date of the contract, this debt amount will be automatically collected from the customer's balance or credit card at the end of the relevant period. The customer may wish to cancel this contract by sending an e-mail to After the relevant conditions are fulfilled by the customer, all records of the customer will be deleted from the site data at the end of the period determined by the Vorante site management. If the customer re-enters the site, it is deemed to have accepted the user agreement and all other information on the site, and the user information is re-stored.

9) As long as this contract is in effect, the customer is responsible for keeping the credit card information given to Vorante management up-to-date. If the expiry date of the customer's credit card changes, the customer must notify the Vorante site administration of this change in writing.

10) Vorante may have technical problems in getting payments from the customer's credit card. In this case, all services and products that the customer wants to purchase will be canceled. The responsibility for the payment belongs to the customer.

Other service responsibilities and customer obligations:

1) Vorante management works very devotedly to ensure the security and continuity of the site. However, Vorante does not guarantee the security level, trouble-free and uninterrupted services of the services on the site. Vorante does not have any binding liability in this regard. Within this contract, indirect or direct damages may occur regarding the services provided by the site. In this case, Vorante management is only responsible for the monetary value of the product it offers. The customer has accepted this item in advance before purchasing the product and service. The customer does not have the right to demand extra compensation for the damage he/she has suffered. 

2) Technical problems and extraordinary problems may occur during the services provided on the Vorante site. During these problems, some or all of the data on the site may be temporarily or permanently destroyed. In case of these unexpected situations, Vorante does not assume any responsibility and is not responsible for any damages that may arise.

3) People who buy services and products by Vorante cannot use their purchased content for malicious, racist and hateful purposes. In case of violation of this rule, the user of the relevant site is fully responsible for all material / moral damages, and Vorante does not assume any legal responsibility.

4) Site users may be deprived of site services in order to prevent the damages described above. All content created by the user will be shared with government agencies if requested.

5) Vorante has full authority to remove illegal content and objectionable content from user accounts. Site management is not responsible to the user in this regard. This information can be submitted to government agencies if requested by the state.

6) The services offered by Vorante may not be available in some countries, the site management has any responsibility in this regard. While buying the product, the customer accepts all the features related to the product in advance.

7) Records: Unless otherwise specified, all records will be based on Vorante records and the documents provided by the site will be accepted as correct.

8) Customer rights transfer: If the customer benefits from any panel within the site, the transfer of rights will be made to the customer, all responsibility arising from this transfer of rights belongs to the customer. The management of Vorante cannot be held responsible for the transfer of rights.

9) Termination of the contract: Vorante management may terminate this contract unilaterally by informing the customer via e-mail or the determined method. Vorante need not give any reason for termination. In case Vorante terminates the contract unilaterally or the site is closed in ordinary cases, if there is any balance in the customer's account, this balance will be returned to the customer within 24 months. Vorante is not obliged to make any payment to the customer if the customer has acted against the contract or illegally. In this case, the customer cannot claim any rights.

10) In cases where the customer receives services and products, and if the credit card is not collected, all services and products will be permanently suspended.

11) Acceptance of Vorante terms of service: From the moment the customer / user enters the site, all of these terms have been accepted in advance and the contract has been approved.

12) Validity conditions of the online contract: If serious changes have been made in this contract, these changes will be notified to the customer via e-mail. As long as the customer uses the Vorante site, it has accepted all notices, legal responsibilities and updates.

13) If the customer has purchased services and products from another company through our site, all responsibility for the service and product he/she receives belongs to the company concerned, Vorante does not accept responsibility in this regard, and the customer is obliged to read the contract approved while purchasing the service and product. Through our website, the customer can approve the contract of another company or person online and accept the obligations, in this case the customer is fully responsible, Vorante does not assume any responsibility in this case. The company from which the customer receives service has to provide the customer with the necessary information, Vorante does not assume any responsibility in this regard.

14) The customer is responsible for the technical malfunction that occurs during the payment, together with the company providing the payment infrastructure, all problems that may arise will be resolved between the customer's bank, payment company and the customer. Vorante will not be liable for any technical problems related to payment.

15) The customer must bear the legal costs while purchasing products and services. The customer will pay tax while shopping on our site and pay for our products and services. The customer has to meet all documents requested by Vorante and submit them to the Vorante site administration.

16) Vorante can be attacked by hackers. Vorante site management has no responsibility or authority in this regard. Site management has taken all measures regarding security. However, despite all these measures, the attack may not be prevented. In this case, the personal information of the users and customers may be deciphered and the site visitors / customers may suffer material and moral damage. Vorante does not take any responsibility for cyber attacks. Anyone visiting a site on the Internet and doing transactions online is at risk. Site users have to protect themselves against all risks and all responsibility belongs to the site visitors. Visitors and customers using this site are responsible for all damages arising from a cyber attack, the site management cannot be held responsible for damages. From the moment the visitor / user or customer enters this site, he/she has fully understood, accepted and approved this article. The management of Vorante assumes no responsibility in case of hacking.

17) If you want to contact us about any subject related to our services, products or our site, you can send an e-mail to


Hereby privacy policy has been prepared to inform users who enter the site about site security. The identity information, name-surname and e-mail information of the users visiting the site are called "personal information" on our site.

The "personal information" of users coming to our site is processed in accordance with the articles and rules in this policy. The personal information of the site visitors and customers is not used or stored outside of the purpose of this policy. The "personal information" in this policy is processed and stored only with the approval of the customer. management has made detailed studies and preparations for the protection of this personal information, all visitor information is protected. site is protected by various software and managed meticulously, but despite all these precautions, our site may be attacked by cyberattacks. The management of our site is not responsible for third party attacks. Site management is only responsible for taking precautions.

Users entering the site cannot access the information of other visitors by normal means. User information is not shared with anyone except government agencies.

Only management can access the personal information of visitors. Siye visitors can request that this information be updated. In this case, visitors can update many information from the user panel. You can send an e-mail to for your other update requests. site can be used by our company and our partners, and also the "personal information" of users can be used for advertising, promotion and marketing purposes. In addition, this information can be used and shared with third parties to strengthen site management and improve user experience.

If user information and personal information are requested by government institutions, management will share this information with government institutions.

Personal information can be used to improve the site experience, to increase the experience between users, to communicate and similar purposes. The management of is not responsible for the use and sharing of this information. By entering the site, the user has given and approved the use of his personal information in advance. processes and stores statistical information about this website. In this context, your personal information will be shared with third parties deemed necessary. However, if the user wishes, he can change the browser settings to prevent these actions.

Users who visit have accepted this privacy policy in advance and users are personally responsible for all in-site actions. Users should change their passwords regularly to ensure their security. The site management of is not responsible for any damages that may arise from account hacking.

Everyone who visits the site is deemed to have accepted all of the above items in advance. Site management cannot be held responsible for any material and moral damages that may arise. For more security information, contract rules and important details, please check the User Agreement section of this document.


REFUND & CHANGE TERMS’s refund & change terms are as follows:

1- The services on our site are generally for one-time use and it is not possible for a second customer to use the product and service again. Therefore, in other cases, there will be absolutely no refund except for some technical defects caused by the software on our site or the payment company.

2- The customer can say that he does not like the service; however, the services provided are delivered with a high quality and customer satisfaction is the basis. Therefore, the customer can request 2 arrangements and changes, but cannot request a refund in any case. The reason for not being refunded is that the services / products provided are only for one-time use. In addition, does not refund services and products to prevent malicious abuses and protect its partners and employees with whom it does business. Change policy has been adopted on

3- Technical problems may occur during the collection of the service and product purchased by the customer by credit card. In this case, the service and product will not be delivered and if any payment has been received, the fee will be refunded as soon as possible. If the service and product have already been delivered, no refund will be made.

4- The customer can use the balance in his account along its membership. The customer can withdraw the unused balance. The customer is deemed to have accepted this situation in advance by loading the balance.

5- If the customer receives the product and service free of charge due to a software error, the necessary information will be sent to the customer e-mail address and the customer will be asked to pay. If the customer credit card information is automatically defined in the system, the required payment will be collected from the customer credit card. It is not possible for the customer to return the service received.

6- The customer may have a debt to On the day the contract is terminated, this debt is calculated and debited automatically from the customer's credit card / balance.

7- If the customer cancels his contract with, the fee will be refunded if the service and product have not yet been provided and the customer has paid.

8- If the customer wishes, all user data related to him can be deleted from our site.


In this section, the policy adopted by the site management within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law ("PDPL") numbered 6698 will be mentioned.

Your personal data are effectively protected on our site. Our site is under security 24/7 and uses the necessary security software.

The private information of visitors to our site and all personal data about visitors are carefully protected and carefully processed. Privacy of personal life is very important so this fact sheet has been carefully prepared. In this article, management's attitude towards PDPL has been carefully explained.

Below you can see the purposes for which user data is stored:

1- The products within the scope of Electronic Communications Law No. 5809 are exhibited on the site. Upon request by legal institutions, all kinds of data and personal information on our website are delivered to the institution named Information Technologies and Communication Authority.

2- All these personal data are stored for the safety of users, products and services and for a healthy shopping.

3- The data and documents stored on our site are not shared with any institution or person without legal authority.

4- If you personally apply to the site administration by e-mail, you can get information about our policy and learn what data is shared. You can easily determine to which institutions your data is given. In addition, if you want to make changes to this data, you can send this request to us. Appropriate places can be rearranged.

5- If you are suspicious of the protection and storage of your personal data on our site and you think this is illegal, please contact You will receive an enlightening answer on the subject.

6- If you would like to reach the legal information texts about PDPL, please check below:

  • You can see the Personal Data Protection Authority website by clicking here!


Visitors coming to will be informed in this cookies policy. Below you can see the necessary explanation:

When the user enters a website, the entered website saves small files on the user's computer. These files are called "cookies". Thus, your personal information is automatically identified when you re-enter the site. The types of cookies on the site are as follows:

1-) Functional cookies:

These types of cookies are generally necessary for the website to function successfully. It is necessary for you to navigate the pages comfortably and to make personal adjustments easily. Through these cookies, your personal preferences are stored seamlessly within the site and processed exclusively for you.

2-) Analytical cookies: web site also uses analytical cookies. This type of cookie stores data for Google Analytics. These cookies store a series of data about the number of visitors to the site and page views and measure the traffic flow. All numerical analyzes and data about the site are processed with the help of these cookies and stored on the site.

To allow cookies, you must be 16 years old. “I have read this cookie policy and I agree to be of legal age.”