It is our job to make dreams come true. Here are some of the services we provide at Vorante:

1- Software

We are at your service with our software solutions for all sectors from factories, shopping centers, offices to restaurants. Do you have an idea and want to change the world? Our software engineers can do this!

2- Branding


Our branding consultancy is based entirely on scientific theories. We can simply define branding as a discipline that includes studies that trigger emotions and memories that create and sustain Coca-Cola and P&G, all well-established brands. With the Branding service, we offer brand-specific solutions, organize meetings, provide trainings and support in the field when necessary.

3- Marketing


Marketing can be as difficult as producing the product if you are working with a non-standard style. However, when based on scientific foundations, progress is made step by step towards the desired goals. With our marketing service, we guide companies in promoting their products and accompany them in field processes, as in branding and by including it.

4- Digital Marketing


With our digital marketing service, we first provide realistic information to our customers who want to rise in search engines with advertisements, and then we proceed by carrying out a work that we leave completely to the experts. We are aware that digital marketing gives results only in competent hands.

5- Institutionalization


Institutionalization is the dream of every family business, but very few achieve this happy ending. Ninety-six percent of family businesses end in the third generation. In the all world, 30 percent of family businesses see the second generation, 13 percent the third generation and only 4 percent the fourth generation. As Vorante, we carry family companies to the future with our institutionalization plans that we have prepared on a purely scientific basis.


6- Artificial Intelligence


This is the age of space and artificial intelligence. We have finally entered an era where the time for robots to gain consciousness is calculated and rumors of extinction are made. In the world, technologies with many human-specific / humanoid features have already started to collect orders and provide services. With the vision of Vorante, we offer you artificial intelligence solutions unique to your company and your customers with the latest technology by filtering the whole world, we carry out global studies and research on this subject.


7- Cyber Security


The protection of your company and all your digital infrastructure is entrusted to Vorante Cyber Security teams. You are safe 24/7 with our artificial intelligence-supported security systems and world-renowned experts in their fields. Contact us "before it is too late" to protect your entire digital system from hacker attacks.


8- E-Commerce Website


There are thousands of corporate website options that we offer to all our customers who want to exist on the internet with various price and design differences. Please contact us for pricing.


9- UI & UX Design


Usability and systematicity are unfortunately not enough to make a website successful. With our User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) experts, we design user-friendly and eye-catching, light-bright websites for our customers with reference to scientific foundations. Stating that even a company like Ekşi Sözlük makes a big strategy mistake in this regard with the background color it changes every day, we anticipate that Vorante will close a big gap in this sense.


10- Mobile Application


We can develop the application of your dreams within weeks with our expert staff experienced in the mobile application field, which is developing further with the game industry, and we can support your game projects.


11- Technical SEO


We are aware that being a brand is possible with a perfect technical SEO infrastructure. With our experts who have spent years on SEO, we examine your website from A to Z, correct link errors and many other technical problems, and make your brand's digital infrastructure compatible with the algorithms of search engines.


12- SaaS


With a Wordpress-like interface that we are building, we want to soon provide our customers with a specialized service that solves many problems. Not only that, you can connect to many of our cloud-based software services by simply entering a password and benefit from our advanced software at affordable prices.


13- 3D Animation & Graphic


We provide graphic and design services with our experienced experts in the field of image, animation, video and similar graphic creation / editing services.



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