The thought of "There are places that offer this service at a much lower price, but..." is a big trap, let us explain.


How do you write a software development agreement?

Software services sold to your company at very low prices (actually just leased) are not actually delivered to you; you are only provided with a temporary service that you do not own any rights to. In case of even the slightest disagreement, your service will be terminated, and you will be left at a disadvantage. Software companies market the allure of low prices in this way. It is impossible for a "purchase" agreement with a cost of 70K EUR to be tied to 20K EUR.

What are the elements of a software contract?

Are you thinking, "We're already considering hiring a programmer for the company, it doesn't make sense to outsource"?

Your human resources staff and managers should have the competence to test and question a software candidate/employee about software matters and have a basic knowledge of software law; however, the vast majority of HR personnel and managers do not have such competence, and generally very few people have the capacity to oversee the programmer hired by the company.

Ethical contractual Vorante software services, where you will not lose your rights, are subject to the following conditions:

At Vorante, the product price is at the industry average, and excessive discounts cannot be offered; because the real cost of quality software services will inevitably be reflected in the price, an unrealistically low and baseless price offer will not be presented.
You will receive the rights to the product, and you will have control over the product. Having control over the product means that you can host the product on your own servers (in your own company) and have freedom in developing the product. If you have an IT team within your company, you can take over and manage all the software from us and develop it if you wish.

What are the key clauses in a software development agreement?

You pay once and acquire lifelong usage rights; you will not have to deal with someone who will call you and blackmail you by attacking your software. The vast majority of software teams do not inform their clients about their rights during the business agreement and can render your software passive through unjust interference via the internet, causing you to suffer. However, at Vorante, all your rights are explained to you in detail, and no opportunity for victimization is given. Vorante has adopted an ethical working style that is worthy of human dignity as its company vision.

Software service is a mandatory continuity and a business that spans many years, much like getting internet service from Turk Telekom, it lasts a long time. Therefore, software service should be carried out under contract through a corporate and ethical company like Vorante. Software service has an infrastructure that is constantly being updated, and a team that does not work with an ethical contract and an ethical vision, even if it provides corporate service as a company, will inevitably find a way to violate your rights in the future.
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